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How to make the most of your session

General Session Tips:

Let's be honest, few things can be as stressful as trying to plan your pictures.  Here are a few pointers I've learned over the last 10 years to make it feel MUCH BETTER: 

+ Most importantly, take advantage of the pre-session consultation. It costs you nothing, and it allows us to plan appropriately for your session in advance. This alone can make your life SO much better the day of your session.

+ On the day of, first things first, don't cause yourself avoidable stress.  Hopefully we have planned your session on a day when you have less going on.  There are always exceptions when that isn't possible, but, if you can, this will give you the time you need to get yourself and your family ready without running around like a crazy person trying to make sure everyone is still in one piece, and you haven't forgotten anything.

+ That being said, please do try to BE ON TIME.  It is not fun when we can't get everything done we (you and I) have planned since being late will inevitably cut your session short since we may have other appointments, or, in the case of outdoor sessions, once the sun is gone there's only so much we can do.  It's also important to note, we do want to plan as much time for you as we need to get everything done.  One of the best perks about us is that we don't have a 'time limit' on your session (like many studios who only give you like 45 min), and your time is YOUR TIME - you've got us to yourselves.

+ The most common question is about WHAT TO WEAR.  I'm always more than happy to consult on clothing (again, a great thing to go over in your consultation).  It is one of those important aspects that can make or break the end results and I will help you get all the details just right!  Every person/family will have different things that will best compliment them - there really isn't a 'this is always best'. One of the things that really pops is when your outfits are complimentary to the location, and, more importantly, your own personality!  Another smart move is to use layers and colors to your advantage. This can also help with kids, or dads, not feeling comfortable. The days of being 'matchy-matchy' are gone - embrace it and show the best about who you really are!  We also do have lots of ideas on our Pinterest - like I'm sure you all have as well.

+ When it comes to makeup, it can actually be a smart move wear a little more makeup then you usually do (especially foundation).  There's a reason commercial shoots look the way they do, and having makeup done beyond the 'everyday' is part of it.  It will help give you great skin tone and help in the retouching process (trust me on this one, this will make you look like ROCKSTARS).  This doesn't mean you shouldn't look like yourself, simply a boost to 'normal'. We do have access to hair and makeup artists if that is a service you wish to have.

+ Personalize your session - be creative!  Yes, we have props that we can use to your hearts content; but why not bring things that will add meaning to your photos? If your pets are a part of the family, lets bring them!  Are you super into boating, dirt biking, skiing, golf, rock climbing, etc?  Well, lets shoot your portraits on the lake/boat, out in the desert with bikes and quads, up at the ski resort, at the climbing gym or the canyon - you get the idea!  Let's make your portraits personal to you by involving the things that help make you who you are. Also, never be afraid to use your own home. It's a great way to make things even more special.

+ With your children (maybe yourself too), plan for their needs.  Remember, sessions can last a while and we want everyone to be happy and comfortable.  Bring their favorite toy, book, or blankie to help them feel comfortable and to help them laugh!  Sometimes they need a snack and/or a drink to keep them going so please be sure to bring these items for your crew - happy people mean AWESOME pictures.